About us

Short description:

NeuroIDSS - project of neuroinformational expert system, short for Neuroeconimic Intelligent Decision Support System.

The main objective of the project:

Creation of the neuroeconomical informational expert system, that increases the efficiency of strategic management decisions.

The project builds on a number of key sectors of modern technologies and scientific knowledge:

Neurocognitive decision-making of person (fMRI, MEG, PET, EEG, NIRS). Semantic technologies for business applications (OSF). Artificial neural networks  - automated technology for working with arrays of unstructured data (Numenta NuPIC, Deep learning). Multiagent simulation - Technology of Information Science for parallel computing with complex network structure (FLAME, JADE).

To implement this goal, the project team plans and carries out the following:

Work with key experts in the targeted areas of expertise. Search target customers. Carrying out research and development work in the volumes required for the purposes of this project. Software development.
The team focused on the leaders in the industry, provides a range of services in the field of automation of information and analytical processes in enterprises, such companies as IBM, SAP, Oracle, Google, Microsoft, Amazon.

Client needs:

Corporative security needs more precise lie detectors. Strategic consulting. Situational centers. HR companies.