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24 bits, 4kSPS
ADCs 4x AD7770
WIFI ESP-12F (ESP8266)
Accel & hyro LSM6DS3TR
Isolated SPI, UART, USB, power

Estimate and microcrowdfunding for FreeEEG32 alpha



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Mobile transcranial altering current stimulator.
For implement results shown in paper about working memory increase with stimulation of 6 and 80 herz.

Spatial Working Memory in Humans Depends on Theta and High Gamma Synchronization in the Prefrontal Cortex

Sources from quicksilv3rflash:
Calculation of components:

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Based on OpenBCI like EEG 32 channels 24 bits per channel device with additional NIRS will together help to see structure of working memory and measure complexity in attention of operator and dispatcher in tests for seven plus or minus two objects in working memory, using NuPIC learning algorithms.


Perceptual chunking:
The Theta-Gamma Neural Code:

For small-scale production, households, repair infrastructure system and monitoring is provided autonomous functional modules, directed by Robot Operating System (ROS). Modules independently carry out transport from storage to the place of assembly, connected to each other and are able to perform the work required. Training can be made visually by demonstrating the need action to robot in a simulational environment Oculus-Rift Gazebo Navigator.

OSF and GATE will be jointly used to build a smart home control system with natural commands that are recognized and converted into a structured query language to the knowledge base.

OSF and GATE will be used to build semantic graph and calculate graph node maximum childs and sum of all edges to approximize complexity of all definitions and whole text and its level of difficulty. Will redisign educational course for students for more effective learning.


Instead of bimodal testing of usual lie detectors, fMRI-based lie detection can analize more complicated manipulated decisions.


Developing new generation of nootropics requires in vivo testing on biofabricated neural tissue. InVesalius will be used to generate virtual reconstructions of brain structures.

Consultation on educational advantages based on neurogenetic testing.

ISO15926 - industrial automation systems and integration of life-cycle data. LML - supports the full lifecycle: conceptual, utilization, support and retirement stages.



Fast reading is achieved by increasing the text display speed up to the disappearance of the internal dialogue.

Electroencephalography read electromyogram of glossopharyngeal and hypoglossal nerve when pronouncing the words aloud and with inner voice.

Produced Fourier analysis of the difference of channels.